The African youth will not be silent

Our leaders are these what we get as African youth for expressing our views and outrightly rejecting something causing more harm than good to us?

I am in utter shock of the happenings in Nigeria so far where the people are being cowed into silence from protesting about the bad behaviour of the police that swore to protect them but is rather doing the opposite, the situation is, unfortunately, getting bloody .but the youth are persisting in protesting for their rights

A famous Ghanaian proverb says when you see your friends chin burning fetch water by yours which for me, per this context we ought to learn from what is currently happening in Nigeria.

This is to show our African leaders that, this the new dawn for the youth and people in Africa, you do not expect to bring up a policy where Africans will just take it to hook, line and sinker without it being scrutinized.

Though diplomacy has its policies and arrangements I believe it is about time the international bodies with the first point of call being ECOWAS and the African Union turn their eyes to Nigeria and intervene on what is happening there.

After several days of protest, I also believe it is time for the Nigerian youth to be heard since their government is rather finding ways to change the name of the group causing havoc, rather than totally disbanding it.

The Nigerian youth the African youth is strong and will continue to persist and fight for their rights until things change in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

To my African leaders please talk some sense into your brothers head and know that this is what you are also likely to face if you try to force a policy on your youth and not willing to compromise as well.

Know that the African youth will not be cowed into silence.


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