Political mistrust the bane of Ghana’s democracy

It is 2020 and as a matter of fact my beloved Ghana has started lacing it’s boots as it heads to the polls.

The usual codes that characterizes the typical Ghanaian politics is at play again just when I thought I will see or hear something different this time round but I was unfortunately wrong.

Could it be that it was too early to call for me ? I guess not.

The usual opposition party doubting the system therefore sleeping with one eye open and the incumbent agreeing with systems put in place seems to be at play again.

I guess the political tone was set in 2019 with popular Akan adage which states that “when you start swimming early your eyes become red” but is it for a good cause?

This political mistrust is causing more harm than good for us at least the new voters register brouhaha is evident for all of us to see how this disease is eating into our political system.

The entrenched positions taken by especially the major political parties is making it difficult for the Eminent advisory board to discharge it’s mandate as both parties mistrust for each other not wanting to bring closure to the matter, leaving the electoral commission hanging with the question to do or not to do a new voters register.

Could it be that, we need to go back to the drawing board to start deliberations on this matter again?

The stakeholders need to call the various political parties and also the electoral commission to order to show them how transparent the system is in order to have a peaceful election once again as we are known for world wide .

Another close call I am making to Ghanaians is not to also allow the ‘’oasis of peace’’ accolade get into our heads if we don’t work hard for it will take us by surprise which I pray that should not happen to my mother Ghana.

Such mistrust make me wonder if the school of thought that suggest benevolent dictatorship for Ghana are right in their call, since some are bent on ruining the not so easy road of democracy we chose for our country after sixty three years as a country .

In fact there is the need for a reflection by all stakeholders to ensure trust in our political system we are citizen not spectators who will sit back and watch what their country has worked hard for end up in ruins .



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