My lessons from Ghana’s election 2020

Ghana’s eighth elections are finally over and our country has a lot more to learn from this democratic journey or path we chose as a nation.

The elections from my point were generally free and fair despite some hitches which came up after elections hullabaloo which is not new to Ghana any way but needs a particular approach to be resolved.

Politics in my beloved Ghana is interesting such that, the opposition party is always crying foul but when these same parties are in government the electoral commission is right. Fast forward 2012 this same post-elections hullaballoo took us to the court which I believe both parties should have learnt some lessons but I seem to wonder.

From my perspective, the electoral commission has the onus not to break the trust Ghana as a nation has in them to be free, fair and professional in the discharge of their duties.

Though I must commend how they strive to achieve that I will love to see a Ghana where an opposition party will not always be crying foul about an electoral system though not easy but I believe it is doable.

For the 2020 elections especially, what worsened the situation for the EC when they corrected the results they had already declared, whiles the opposition was also crying foul about the presidential results and the seats they won in parliament interesting times ahead for Ghana.

I believe cool heads should reign in this matter, the little advice I have for the opposition is for them to pause reflect and take their time in every step or action they take to get justice Ghana first.

For the winning party rejoice in moderation and work harder as you assume your second mandate.

The electoral commission I believe should collaborate with all stakeholders involved to engage both parties in the elections to resolve all post-election issues.

All observer missions have also brought in their reports and views on the 2020 elections and I hope the Electoral Commission, the political parties and we as Ghanaians as a whole learn and make our democracy stronger as a country



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