Ghana’s misplaced educational priority

It was to my uttermost surprise as I surfed online news portals and read the launch of the new uniforms for junior high school students in my beloved country Ghana, and my question is what difference did they want to make between the Junior high school and primary students at the basic level?

I am very sure that was the same question lingering on the minds of many well meaning Ghanaians as they read the news .

It is also surprising how our leaders have such misplaced priorities, could they not have just launched the new curriculum on what the students are supposed to study and moved on ?

Well, with cost of the said uniform aside the old ones currently being worn how has it been equitably distributed especially in areas outside Accra for the students there to also have decent uniforms for school ?

Or is it perhaps another loose contract to fill a politicians pocket as being speculated?

With all this questions begging for answers on my mind I am very sad at the misplaced priorities of our leaders in that, there are more pressing needs which ought to be done in the educational sector than just school uniforms .

It is high time Ghanaian politicians realized that they are accountable to the people and it beholds on them to come up with projects that will really affect the lives of its citizens and not just frivolous ones .

I will not say politicians in both past and present governments have not contributed to the to the development of Ghana but they tend to be helping on one side and pushing us into a ditch on the other side with projects that will cause financial lose to the state .

With the Education scenario for instance the Free SHS project is a very laudable one but this School uniform project please Mr Minister and the stakeholders involved should please come again! What is that explanation that they want the Junior high school students to psychologically feel they are a part of the Senior High School rather and you expect the citizenry to accept such an explanation ?

There so many avenues of our educational sector begging for a discourse we ought not to joke with, an example Is the bill concerning the tertiary institutions that has created some uproar within that sector .

They feel their autonomy and academic freedom are being threatened and therefore needs to be resolved and putting things required for that sector in their right places rather than the launch of a school uniform .

Education is one key area our country must not joke with and they power of any country lies in its education as well but it seems our politicians have forgotten that knowledge is power .

I am not surprised as most of them take their children to the best schools abroad and mess up our Educational system which they were once part of .

Ghanaians do not hate reforms but it should go according to principle that would affect the lifes of the people involved another example is teachers writing exams on blackboards instead of students having an exam paper and answer sheet to answer their questions on.

All these are dire situations that need answers in our education sector rather than school uniforms .

The Education ministry in most of its decisions must involve stakeholders to arrive at the same conclusion to avoid any controversies after making any reforms.

The politicians should remember that our educational system such a delicate sector they dare not take for granted and posterity will never forgive them if they make a mess an educational system our forefathers toiled to build for us.



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