Stella Annan
2 min readFeb 6, 2019


Ghana’s day of shame in parliament

What a way to welcome someone into parliament ?

For me it’s a day members of this legislative body who engaged in that act should bow their heads in shame.

A body that is supposed to fight for the rights of women are engaging in such practice then are women really respected in this country?

My heart also bled as women among the minority in parliament allowed the caucus to carry such inscriptions on their placards didn’t they feel for their fellow woman?

She is not to blame for being a widow ,It was not her intention to be a widow, and the men who also carried such inscription did they pause to realize hey this could have been my wife ,how will I feel if she is being treated this way after my demise, as death will knock on everyone’s door one day.

Though the minority in parliament is demanding justice from the elections that was marred by violence at Bawleshie they could have boycotted without using such inscription on their placards .

That word they used should be out rightly condemned without mincing words.

I am very ashamed such people were elected to go and make laws for my beloved country .

Ama Ghana where did we go wrong must politics denigrate people to such a level ?

You ought to find the appropriate channel to address your grievances to and stop channeling it to the widow who is not to blame for the current circumstance of life she finds herself in .

Yes Ghanaians were witnesses to how Bawleshie a part of the Ayawaso west wuogon constituency where the by election was held and unfortunately marred by violence .

After this situation the two major political parties blaming each other with accusations and counter accusations over who is responsible for such action, what a Ghana we live in now .

Its high time politicians dropped their political egos and see the human side of things if that had happened they would not hold placards bearing such an inscription in parliament of all places .

My advice is, today it is the minority the majority should also watch out not to allow their political egos lead them into temptation.

This is not what Ghanaians voted for, we voted for law makers that see the human phase of things not ones that are led by political egos .

I rest my case.