Stella Annan
2 min readFeb 1, 2019


Ghana are we prepared for election 2020?

My beloved Ghana if this is the electoral credential we are taking into 2020 then I cringe in fear .

An area that is not a hotspot for such electoral violence is now manifesting as such, and who is to blame? Is it the electoral commission or the security agencies deployed to the area .

How can a well organized security agency just come to polling station with face covered decide to confiscate ballot boxes which results in a gun shots and people getting hurt in the process .

Funny enough the police could not account if this gun wielding face covered security forces were indeed part of them just beats my imagination .

Whiles the two major political parties blame each other for creating such a chaotic scene at the polling station.

Are we safe as a country at all ? it seems we never took the advice of ACP kofi Boakye and other civil society groups concerning this vigilante groups affiliated to political parties .

When will we Ghanaians get up to the realization that ,we should not let this politicians hold our country to ransom as they create this so called group doing us more harm than good .

I believes it is high time we fight for such groups to be disbanded its time we the youth put on our thinking cap not to be deployed by politicians into such group because of their insatiable quest for power.

Lets learn from the past electoral tenterhooks we have been on yet peace prevailed and come of the 2020 elections still being referred to as one of the oasis of peace in Africa .