Awareness of TVET education a good call

Alas, I am very glad my beloved Ghana can see the light on technical and vocational education, I can also imagine how Ghana would have been like if we as a country had seen the light and fought for this cause earlier.

The colonial mentality on Ghana’s education-focused more on grammar schools and white-collar jobs have been the cause of for the neglect in the technical and vocational aspect of our education, unfortunately.

Sadly in Ghana, it is believed that those who do not do well in the hailed subjects are pushed into technical education and I just do not imagine the talent Ghana has lost due to such a situation.

But finally, a light at the end of the tunnel as the government has started raising awareness on this aspect of education with the first lady and other influential figures leading the cause.

I hope this does not just end here a lot of sensitization on this aspect of education ought to be done.

Apart from the ambassadors chosen, stakeholders in the technical education sector ought to involve themselves in the sensitization on technical and vocational education process to change the Ghanaians psyche on this form of education.

The Ghanaian ought to understand that technical or vocational should not be categorized as subject areas for those who do not do well certain subjects but for equally viable and creative people who are backbones to the strengthening of the country’s economy.

To the whole world, it is evident to see the success stories of various country’s that took their technical and vocational education seriously and they are reaping the fruits of their labour through industrialization and a strong economy.

Ghana should take a cue from country’s like Germany, Switzerland and Austria to mention but a few on this technical and vocational education fused into their system and how they have benefited from it by having a viable workforce.

The unemployment albatross hanging on most governments that come to power will be eased as technical and vocational education paves the way for entrepreneurial skills to be put to use and not endlessly waiting for someone to employment .

As a country tapping into this resource will help us invest into our human resource to also strongly compete in this world to industrialize Ghana not just for themselves but future generations as well



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